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Marketing Techniques - Ideas For Value Added Resellers

Marketing techniques are as plentiful as they are varied. The consultants, advisers, service providers, etc... all make sure that you have many different technique options to choose from. The difficulty is in choosing which ones will work the best for your business.

Here is a list of some of the more common techniques used by successful Value Added Resellers.

The number one technique is, and always will be, relationship marketing: Marketing through networks and business organizations to generate referrals.

The number two technique is hosting seminars. You can choose to host your own or partner with other professionals or niche technology providers.

Third on the list of top techniques for Value Added Resellers is direct mail. As long as you use a highly targeted list, direct mail can be a very effective technique.

The last category of techniques are the miscellaneous activities that work well for some and not so well for others. Here are some optional techniques for you to try in addition to the mandatory three listed above.

Entity marketing
Government and education marketing
Lead sharing from Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV) and Independent software vendors (ISV)
Marketing to become a sub contractor for other businesses
Opening a retail computer store in a busy strip mall
Targeted cable TV ads
Door hangers
Canvassing and telemarketing
Magazine ads

These techniques might not have the same punch as networking, hosting seminars, and direct mail but they are worth considering in order to mix it up and attract clients you aren't reaching through the other channels.

Bottom Line on Marketing Techniques
Marketing techniques have a distinct hierarchy. Your most highly concentrated technique should always be relationship marketing. Follow that with hosting seminars and direct mail. The remainder of the techniques you should be considering are those that fall into the miscellaneous category. Leave the miscellaneous technique budget small but consider various ideas and try them out - you never know what might catch on.

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