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Strategic Marketing Plans For Weighting Marketing Activities

Strategic plans are a must have for your fledgling computer business. With a strategic plan you define a means to accomplish your overall goal.

The most successful businesses have a strategic plan in place and they refer to it often. They use it as a living document and not something that sits on the shelf collecting dust.

When developing your strategic plan your first priority should be how you weight the different activities available. Here is a suggested breakdown for you to consider when developing your strategic plan:

Spend about 50% of your time and money on a combination of through organizations and referral marketing.

Spend about 20% of your time and money on doing things related to speaking and teaching and seminar marketing. This part of your strategic plan includes your solo seminars as well as those that you joint venture with accountants and other niche technology providers.

Third priority in your strategic plan is direct mail. Plan to spend about 20% of your time and money on direct mail. Here, targeting is extremely important. In fact targeting is a factor for consideration with all of the elements in your strategic plan.

The last and smallest facet of your strategic plan should be the activities that tend to work for some and not for others. These are all the other types of activities available from door hangers and telemarketing to targeting specific industries. This part of your strategic plan will include a lot of hit and miss items but you won't know what works until you actually test it.

Bottom Line on Strategic Marketing Plans
Start thinking about building your strategic plan at the very beginning of your business planning exercises. Your strategic plan will hold you on course as you wind your way through the many different techniques available. If you follow the percentages above, your strategic plan will force you to concentrate on proven strategies and only pursue the most risky alternatives in small amounts.

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