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Marketing Tests - Sample Before You Commit

Marketing tests are an important component of your overall strategy. When you first start out you will be on shoe string budget. You need to save money everywhere. Marketing tests will help you determine whether you should spend a large part of your budget on a particular sales tactic or not.

Regardless of how good the technique appears to be, if you do a market test with a small measure sample you won't waste large amounts of dollars and you will come out with a highly effective, highly targeted campaign.

Marketing Test Tips:

If you are considering direct mail, rent a list in small portions. People who don't do tests will rent thousands of names before even knowing if the list is worthwhile.

Print a small quantity of materials. If you print thousands of fliers or postcards without doing any tests how do you know you're money isn't ending up in other people's garbage cans?

Track your leads by material source. Tell your leads that you are doing tests and ask them how they heard about you. Figure out what percent are coming from each type of activity you are doing? By doing this your tests will show you exactly which campaigns are effective and which ones are duds.

The Bottom Line on Marketing Tests

Marketing tests are designed so that you make intelligent decisions about your strategies before you roll out large, costly campaigns. Without performing tests diligently you risk spending a great deal of your precious start-up capital chasing leads with no direction and no real results. Whatever your strategy is, make sure you incorporate small measure tests into your overall strategy.

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