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Online advertising is now an important component of some of the most successful branding campaigns. In just 10 years it has overtaken cinema, surpassed radio and is on target to reach outdoor in terms of advertising spend. It now reaches 61% of the UK’s population – that’s 28.7 million people. Click below for some of the key reasons for this phenomenal growth.


The Power of Testimonials in SEO

Search engine optimization should be at the top of your list when it comes to your website. You want to earn a high page rank in the Google search engine. Two ways to increase your page rank in Google is to have high page rank websites link to your website and to send out press releases that contain links to your website. Both of these search engine optimization options are effective, but they are not the only methods you can employ. It is critical to diversify your search engine optimization efforts.

Another option to add to your search engine portfolio is to give testimonials to other websites. Offer to give testimonials on websites that you value. Look for products and services that would benefit from your testimonial. Make sure that these websites are of high quality and have a high page rank. You want to ensure that your website information is posted on a top notch website.

Always make sure to put your name and website address at the bottom of each testimonial. Verify that your website address will be given has a hyperlink and not just text. This hyperlink points to your website, thus improving your placement in Google’s search engine results. Plus, if a visitor clicks on the hyperlink then they will be automatically directed to your website.

Another major benefit of providing testimonials on high page rank websites is that it will give you name and website recognition. Plus, your page rank will increase because you have created incoming links from quality websites. The key is that your website address is in the testimonial.

While it is beneficial for you to give testimonials on other websites, do not put testimonials on your own website. Having testimonials on your own website does not help you for two reasons. One reason is that if a customer clicks on the website address of a testimonial they may never come back to your website. Another reason is that the links from the testimonials will lower your page rank in Google.

Testimonials are a great way to promote your website. You will be amazed at how testimonials can shoot your search engine placement to the top spot on Google. Testimonials don’t cost you any money. They only cost you a little bit of time that will bring your much higher rewards in return.

Matt Bacak