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Welcome to cVanci Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is more than just selling your product or service, its about selling your site!!  And not just to the visitors, but the Search Engines!!  You may have the best offer since sliced bread - But if no one can find you on a search engine?? Well.

Please enjoy our Internet Marketing site and browse around some of the very useful free articles about Internet Marketing and PPC / PPA. Below you will find some useful free marketing scripts and software to give your web pages that edge. All marketing scripts at cvanci are completely free, we hope you find something of benefit.


Simple ModalWindow
Small library to replace JavaScript's built in Alert, Prompt and Confirm popup boxes, only a 4Kb foot print compressed. Compatable with IE6+ Firefox 2+ Opera 9+ Safari 3+

TopDreamweaverExtensions Coolbar
Firefox and Internet Explorer launch an information bar on the top of the page to show some notifications. These bars attract the user's attention. TopDreamweaverExtensions Coolbar is a script that simulates these bars to improve the efficiency of messages and publicity to the end user. This script can be inserted, edited and configured visually from Adobe Dreamweaver in a single step, you don't need programming or hand coding skills. The browser is identified automatically and the related bar is shown with the messages and links specified by yourself.

Detect No Script
Simple little code to detect if your visitors have scripts turned off or blocking with FireFox addon noscript. Works in IE, FireFox, Netscape & Opera. The script will block your content and display error message. You can test it. Open your tools menu IE: tools then security then custom settings turn scripts off then reload, FireFox: tools then options then content turn off javascript reload browser or if you have downloaded noscript addon forbid, Netscape and Opera is basicly the same turn off in Tools menu. Do not place script in head insert script before body tag and below head tags:

Animated DHTML pop up window
Animated DHTML pop up scripts are very popular with site owners. They offer you the option of displaying ads or alerts to your visitors and can be quite useful. This Javascript will launch an animated pop up window. This DHTML window will move into your visitors screen from either the left or the top. You can configure the speed and location within the source code.

Anti error reporting alert window
A very simple and powerfull Anti error reporting window javascript !!!! This script disable the javascript error windows whitch apear when there is a bug or an undefined javascript function on a webpage. In fact this script is useful for minor javascript problem on a website to avoid the habitual boring error popup.

This tooltip script will enable your website to display custom tooltips that may contain any html object, yes even images! FSTooltips installs easily into your existing website, is not too large in size, loads fast and is easily configurable through CSS. Try out our online demo of this script now at

Tigra Hints
Tigra Hints is free JavaScript widget that displays pop-up box with notes (also known as tooltips or hints) when mouse appears over any HTML element on the page. Any HTML is welcome inside the box: lists, tables, images etc. This component makes the site more informative and easy to use while saving valuable space.

Snow Effect snow effect
Decorate your webpage with this great animated document effect! Watch as snow gently trickles down the page, then disappear. The image used is changeable, so snow definitely isn't the only effect this script can render.


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