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SeoLinkPro ( SLP ) The inside workings of the SLP software SLP Seo Link Pro

Unix was great, DOS was fine but since the advent of Windows, we have all become used to buggy software and frozen computers.

So with SLP, the most unnerving part is that you don't see much happening. Apart from a little screen at the bottom and a counter that could just be counting for the fun of it, you don't see anything going on. No errors, 404's cant be founds. Nothing at all. You just start SLP, collapse it to the taskbar and trust it works placing lots of valuable link backs. No feedback -Now that's downright creepy at first.

But SeoLinkPro is working, that you can be sure of. Well, most of the time that is. You see SeoLinkPro is more of an investment into a new technology than just buying another piece of software. Its not just another link spammer that goes blindly where told, its more of an evolving species of back link generator. The guys who developed it know just about every black hat, gray and white technique ever conceived and their site forum is read and revered over the world. They are about as expert as you can get, especially in the area of promoting web pages to the top of search engines. SLP is more of a stable framework that can lend itself to a variety of SEO tasks. It would be fair to say that the SLP framework can support an infinite growth, providing the entire internet structure doesn't alter. Though they are not making any boasts about it, the SLP guys are well into building upon the framework which I would say is operating at less than 5% of a possible future. If SLP can do what its doing at 5% throttle, then yes its time to get in on this very simple to use piece of SEO software, no matter what hat you wear.
But remember SeoLinkPro is brand new and only just out of beta, so there are still some areas to improve in SLP. But there are updates constantly being posted along with new add ons. The present version SLP 1.0.1 is completely stable and works very well unattended in the task bar. we give it a new task each day, thereby cycling our submissions and keeping further under the spam radar. While there may be so much more added to this evolving system, its already well worth investing the just over $200 with two things for sure. SeoLinkPro will keep expanding and evolving to do even more wonders and your site rankings will soon rise. Any pages you specifically target for affiliate ads are going to rocket up the search engines and stay there! That means more affiliate clicks and sales.

SLP leans more towards Web 2 technology rather than the present 'hard wired' link generators available that just locate and bombard the same group of blogs and forums with back links. A technique that can get your site banned! This link submitter uses a database of collected knowledge that is configured to your ideal and an ever increasing group of 'plug ins'. It does not just go to the same old sites and plaster your back links everywhere. You select where to post back links by enabling or disabling SeoLinkPro's plug ins, that way you can use a black or white hat to promote your site and get those gold bars called back links.

A useful white hat add on with SLP is the RSS submit feature. Just enter your RSS url/s and submit its that simple. A very useful SLP feature as the data is current unlike most RSS programs that use old databases full of 404's etc.

SLP database - the data.sqlite file.
Of course there are always those who would like to peek inside software and as SeoLinkPro uses SQLite, that is comparatively easy.
SeoLinkPro keeps all its valuable information in the SQLite database ( data.sqlite ). Due to risk of corruption of accidental overwriting, I advise making a copy of this file named backup-data.sqlite every so often. How long depends on how much you use SeoLinkPro to gain back links.

Just download the free open source Slitter Data Browser. Its a standalone exec file, so no installation needed. Just create a new folder in the SeoLinkPro folder and pop SQLite.exe into there. You can visit the SLItter site at or download a copy of SLItter Database Browser.exe from the cvanci site. Just open the SEOLINKPRO folder and copy the data.sqlite file into the new SLItter folder. That way the original wont get messed up during your experiments with Seo Link Pro's database. Opening the data.sqlite file will give you access to SeoLinkPro's database and you will see things that the main SLP software does not show you.
If you are proficient in SLItter databases, you can change various parts to suit and rearrange some of SeoLinkPro's hard wiring for your particular SEO needs.

Keep one thing in mind, when you update SeoLinkPro you must 'merge' the databases. Otherwise all your precious info and setting will be lost as the database is overwritten by updates. Very annoying and sure the guys at Seo Link Pro will fix that shortly.
In general SLItter databases like the data.sqlite file are very stable and therefore widely used. If you really are in the business of making money on the web, whether selling your own product or affiliating someone else's, then you MUST obtain back links! As they say "if your not in Google your not in business". Writing good articles may be a brilliant back link producer, but nobody will visit your article and click on that ad and earn you any money if the darn page is not in the search engines!!

So you can either sit down with something like Authority Loophool and manually enter data, get a link spammer software or do it all on automatic and without fuss using SLP.  SLP can get any quantity of good back links automatically posted across a wide variety of sites. It just depends how you set it. For a good solid site, between 10 - 50 back links per day is a nice steady organic growth or, 500 per day for those spammy adsense sites. Whatever you set SLP to, it will sit in the taskbar quietly doing its job today, tomorrow and until you turn it
off. Completely without your intervention on automatic.

In my view, whether you have a zillion black hat sites or just one or two very white hat sites, SLP is a tool you cannot afford to be without. Its cheaper than anything else out there, supported to the hilt by a whole community and it works in which ever fashion you want it too. Without any doubt SLP can compete and win search engine placement against any corporate with huge budgets spending frightening daily budgets on Adwords or other front page ads.

The customers and profits are there, all one has to do is get to the front of the queue.
Enjoy SLP.

Read more about SeoLinkPro on our other page

You can find a html manual to SeoLinkPro here or Download SeoLinkPro manual PDF here

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