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SEO Link Pro: Myth or Holy Grail?
SeoLinkPro - does it live up to its name? rss feed to article submitter cvanci

SEO Link Pro can be used by a novice as a simple click and go or, use some good advanced features which give you more control over link building tasks. Even a clueless amateur can unlock the power of this SEO link building software.
It will search in any topic finding only link backs from related places. This is a vital part of the automatic work as the last thing you need is links from un-related sites. While they may carry some worth, one link from a related site with good page rank is worth hundreds of the others.

What is SEO Link Pro?
In a nutshell, its a dream come true for smaller websites to be able to rank up with the corporate's in search engines. It very cleverly farms the internet looking for places where you can place a link back to your site. Unlike Authority Loophole which is free, Seolinkpro will then go on to place your link and a whole lot more completely on auto-pilot. You simply set it up and forget it. If you wish to spend months writing one liners and posting to blogs etc and have no money to invest, then try the free Authority Loophole and continue having no money. If you want to get on with business and spend valuable time elsewhere you need to invest in something that works and is automatic.

Link backs are the holy grail of the internet. Without them your site is worthless to the search engines as nobody else has linked to it. Links from the wrong source can be equally devastating. Too many links to quick can be certain death. I've personally been there in the old days sending emails to sites to get links back. Oh it works great, but the time taken!!
Writing articles works great as well, but takes time. There are lots of scripts and software out there that will spam your site to link farms or hack into blogs and paste your links everywhere, one in particular costs over $500. The problem is that either its too black hat or illegal, or at the best will get your site demoted from the SERPS and that you do not want to happen.
Consider the tremendous value of any software that could automatically build your back links and stay under the radar? I know I've dreamt about that a few times, so my first approach to SeoLinkPro was with caution and a lot of disbelief in its claims. I have heard them all before, so many times. Finding out that EarlGrey was the man behind SeoLinkPro development though very positive, still left doubts. Seo Link Pro is supposed to get you a lot of link backs with or without spamming on auto pilot.

I started writing this about Seo Link Pro completely unbiased. Having played around with SeoLinkPro, read the manuals and spent hours listening to what others say good and bad, the truth about this SEO link submitting software is revealed.

SEO Link Pro Development and Use:
The efforts put into the development of this SEO link tool are more than any blackhat script or software released to date. It comes from a thourabread stable, Syndk8. The guys there have possibly the best known black and grey hat site massive forum. I've been a member for years and anyone black or white should spend some time browsing the different techniques used by the people who make the real dosh with Internet Marketing. While I don't necessarily agree with black hat techniques, one can learn so much and apply abridged methods to put sites on the first page of search engines. Some methods can get you banned unless your really street wise. But used sensibly, SeoLinkPro will give you massive returns in site placement, visitors and resulting income. It should not be your only method though as good content and meta is still king.

Seo Link Pro will take whatever keywords you feed in, then find sites, forums, blogs, socials etc that will allow posting of link backs (there's millions of them). I cannot stress enough that when using SEO link posting, always ensure you use appropriate keywords relating to your sites theme and content. You will get less back links but the quality will be worth so much more and eliminate the big G from assuming your spamming or link farming.

Basically it has an expandable modular based link building design with a continuous development of plug-ins that allow for expandability and diversity of link building. Its true to say that no other link building tool has ever had this form of architecture or technological structure. Seo Link Pro uses plugins to achieve its goals. There are three categories of plug ins; Black Hat plug-ins, Social Bookmark Plug-ins and RSS Submission Plug-ins. It comes with plug ins installed. Each one can be enabled or disabled at your choice and a list of plugins for SeoLinkPro can be found in the main article on the cvanci dot com website and going to 'articles'.

SEOLINKPRO BH Plugin settings allow you to enable or disable specific plugins based on a global setting. I.E if you elect not to use phpdug link building you can simply uncheck it.
SEOLINKPRO Social Bookmarking Plug-in requires that you specify your username and password for the listed Social Bookmark plug-ins in order to submit to the various web bookmarking places.
SEOLINKPRO RSS Submission plug-in settings allow you to enable or disable specific plug-ins based on a global setting.
As new plug ins become available, the program displays them along with the total number of links built since starting so you can download it.

There is also SEOLINKPRO Email setup. Email Setup allows you to add email addresses to SEOLINKPRO, these addresses will be used during the account creation process required for certain websites. SEOLINKPRO will automatically access the email account, check the email and click on the account confirmation link.

Proxies; If you need this feature, in the Proxies panel You can specify a list of proxies that you would like SEOLINKPRO to use.

Like I inferred earlier, there's a lot more to this link submitter software than first appears. Unlike anything I've seen before its constructed with complete diversification and expandability built in. The plugins allow complete flexibility and ability to stay ahead of the SEO link submission business for a long time.

Read more about SeoLinkPro direct from the makers here

With this SEO link software you simply install it on any windows computer, alter settings to suit then click n go. SEO Link Pro will sit in the taskbar quietly doing its job on the parameters you set. It works well in the background without using much resources and its rock stable. So you can use the computer as normal while its running. Whether you have 1 or 100's of sites, using the Seo Link Software will seriously increase their health.

SeoLinkPro Negative and Positives:
Everything has a down side and SEOlinkPro is no different. But it is fair to say that its how you use the Seo Link Pro software that will determine any downs. If you have a relatively unknown site that suddenly overnight starts getting thousands of back links, your precious site will out of the main search engines database very fast. Staying just under the the spamming radar is the key. Start with adding just a few links per day and gradually increase over time. It looks organic and under the radar.
The biggest negative is also the huge positive to this program Its been built from the ground up by people with years of black hat experience who have seen it all come and go before and know every trick and loophole in the book. Yes SeoLinkPro is from a black hat office, but in white hat hands, its lethally effective long term.
Bugs? If you scour the internet or Seo Link Pro's site and forum, you will see loads of rants about how buggy Seolinkpro is. That was true, the first version was terrible. It worked great but the little add ons and finished reports were screwed up. But just about every bit of good software is released to market early with many bugs, just look at Windows. LOL. The difference is, this software is an ongoing project by programmers intent on providing nothing short of the holy grail. I've played around with the latest version and its cool with no bugs yet.
Still missing some useful plugins, but they are being added on a weekly basis. What you must remember with SEO Link Pro is that's its basically a stable framework, upon which many useful add ons can be mounted. Extending its eventual use way beyond its present one. There are already quite a few SeoLinkPro add ons for free download and many more are planned.
One annoying negative is there is no memory of previous state with SeoLinkPro. So if you turn it off to reboot the computer, it resets to the beginning again. Having said that, second hand computers are for peanuts these days and I run this on a spare computer that someone was giving away. So it can run 24/7 on auto pilot growing a list of sites nice and organically.
Oh, one last negative. You have to pay for SeoLinkPro. LOL. But even if you have one site with advertising on, you will reap back many times the investment in weeks rather than years.


Seo Link Pro latest version

Affiliate Feed generator

In a nutshell, if you are serious about promoting a site, then this must be the simplest way of doing it for you on auto pilot. Just start it and forget it. Of the other Link Submitting options available its the cheapest in time and cost and much more flexible. There is a bucket full of ad ons with many more in the pipeline with a whole forum of real support and advice.

Would I buy SeoLinkPro? I did. It rates as one of my top three SEO tools and makes possible in weeks what could have taken years. At last I can stand up against the big guys and achieve equal page rank. Also I would advise anyone buying SeoLinkPro to think outside the box. For example if you knew which was a hot search on ebay or the net and could source it, you could have a whole site shop dedicated to it with top ranking from loads of link backs on Google's first page! Move over all you corporate Viagra kings hogging the top search spot.

Points to remember;
1. ALL software or scripts that perform well and do there job, eventually become oversubscribed and over used. You have a limited window in which to make the money before so many people are using it that it becomes overcrowded and footprints are established by everyone spamming the same destinations. Thanks to a different approach to the software development, with SeoLinkPro you may get a year or so, as the guys at are on the ball with constant updates and add ons so who knows, it could keep evolving and live forever.

2. You only get what you give. Be prepared to learn a little about the software. At least read the manual. Play around with it for a couple of days and experiment before launching it on full throttle.

3. Go to the massive forum at Syndk8 and read what others say. You will find tons of advice and tips.

4. Don't be greedy. There's black hat, white hat and grey hat techniques to promote sites (read more about that on the cvanci dot com site under 'articles'). Like any software that can instantly boost your site, you can do it gradually and seemingly a fast organic growth, or blast away getting thousands of back links a day. The later will soon get you sand boxed by you know who and that's your site kaput! These days if your not on Google, you don't have a business.
So be warned! By using Seo Link Pro Submitter sensibly and keeping under the radar, you will get superb ranking for any site or page you decide on. While the big guys spend thousands on buying sponsored space on search engine front pages, your site can be right below that first listing for free. However, use it to generate thousands of links per day and your spamming so any benefit will be very short lived before the site expires. There are serious black haters out there that have thousands of sites with millions of pages all trying various techniques to get their pages higher up the SERPS. Most of the sites end up sand boxed and are allowed to expire, but are constantly replaced with new domains around the same old niche markets. One guy I know has twelve computers all working at maintaining an empire of sites that come and go at rapid rates, in addition there are server side scripts running 24/7. Its very professional, though run from home and makes him a huge income and I mean huge! Too hectic for me but it gives you an idea. With SeoLinkPro you can compete against them all without any further work.
Like I say, use Seo Link Pro sensibly and it will work for you like a dream and go some way towards the holy grail of link building.

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Read more aboutSeoLinkPro direct from the makers here

SeoLinkPro Ad Ons that come pre installed

BH - Black Hat Plug-ins:
Blurtit Answers plugin_blurtit.dll
Oggix Shouter plugin_oggix.dll
Custom WordPress plugin_wordpress_custom.dll
Events Calendar plugin_calendar_pl.dll
Scuttle Submission plugin_scuttle.dll
Syndk8 Awstats plugin_awstats.dll
Syndk8 Joyful joyful.dll
Syndk8 Nucleus CMS v3.40 Comments plugin_nucleus.dll
Syndk8 PHP Guestbook Plugin CustomPlugin.dll
Syndk8 PostNUKE English plugin_postnuke_en.dll
Syndk8 Webalizer plugin_webalizer.dll
Syndk8 Wikka Plugin plugin_wikka.dll
Syndk8 Wikka2 plugin_wikka_nonrw.dll
Syndk8 Wordpress Comments Plugin WordPressPlugin.dll
Syndk8 e-Classifieds Plugin plugin_eclassified.dll
Syndk8 minibbs plugin_minibbs.dll
Syndk8 phpdug plugin_phpdug.dll
Syndk8 phpnuke English plugin_phpnuke_en.dll
Syndk8 phpnuke Polish plugin_phpnuke_polish.dll
Syndk8 yybbs plugin_yybbs.dll
apeboard plugin_apeboard_plus.dll
jawanote bbs plugin_jawanote.dll
kawaii bbs plugin_kawaii.dll
yoyuuha bbs plugin_yoyuuha.dll

Social Bookmark Plug-ins misterwong.dll fark.dll

RSS Submission Plug-ins RSS blogdigger.dll RSS lugin_rss_feedest.dll
sourceforge rss sf_rss.dll 2rss.dll feedplex.dll plugin_goldenfeed.dll readablog.dll plugin_rssmad.cs.dll plugin_rss_feedboy.dll plugin_rss_feedsfarm.dll plugin_rss_icerocket.dll plugin_rss_leighrss.dll plugin_rss_plazoo.dll readablog.dll plugin_rssmad.cs.dll plugin_rss_rssmotron.dll

You can find a html manual to SeoLinkPro here or Download SeoLinkPro manual PDF here

Read the other page about SLP


Product Videos and Demos.

High Rez at Youtube. [D]

Low Rez at Youtube [D]

Gnarly demo test. NSFW. [D]

Better Gnarlguy Demo which is more serious. [D]


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