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Get Google Ads Free the ebook explained.
Can you really Get FREE PPC ads on Google?

This ebook does offers a viable plan. The system is NOT blackhat, it’s not illegal and it won’t get you banned from any search engines. Also, the plan should work for pretty much any niche as long as it’s reasonably competitive. However, the plan is NOT without risk, you are required to seed your Google PPC account with real money before the “free clicks” start coming in. You will also need to be conversant with building simple websites and pages and understand at least the basic importance of SEO in getting Google free ads working for you.

Get Google Ads Free explained

This plan is also NOT a “set it and forget it” process. You’ll need web pages and web copy and of course, testing is always involved, whether it’s testing your ads or your landing pages etc.

The startup time should be reasonably quick as long as you can build a decent looking web page (a blog would work fine for this) and as long as you can write some reasonably compelling ad copy, you ought to be up and running within three to five days.

Guaranteed to work? No and it’s not for the faint of heart either. Its like the stock market, you are required to shell out some PPC cash to Google or like to get this started and if you’re not seeing any immediate success, I can imagine that it could start to get pretty scary. However, if you’re okay about taking risks, then this may just be the right plan for you, as it does work.

One good thing is that there is a 100% money back guarantee on the ebook. If the plan is not for you, simply contact the seller and your money will be promptly returned.

Getting free Google or any other search engine ads for free is no big secret really as its an old and tested method in other industries. What this ebook does is bring an old idea into the 21st century doing the same in cyberspace as done in civvies street every day. However, this ebook lays out a simple dummies guide on how to do everything from start to finish.  Its a complete course and if you follow the guide to the letter, you will be successful.  fail to follow or give up before fruitition and all will be lost.  yes its a bit of a gamble, but works perfectly if you put the dedication and work in and follow the very simple instructions.

Here's how in simple terms the so called 'secret' works:
1. You create a website, and make a doorway page, lead-capture page, splash page or whichever your need is. This can be about any product you choose.
2.You then apply the principles given to find the best keywords and keyword phrases, most optimal bids, and most optimal but front page displayed daily budgets. Doing the same for the doorway, lead-capture or splash pages.
3. Once the exact costs are determined including bids and daily budgets minimums for ALL relevant keywords and phrases, take this total cost and multiply it by 31 days to get your maximum monthly PPC advertising cost.
4. Then divide this amount by say 10 spots you decide to sell off on this doorway page.
5. Then multiply this number by a lower multiplier of 1.25 and an upper multiplier of 1.5 to get your lower and upper sell-off ad costs.
6. Then advertise on that very page using a banner that reads in essence: Advertise here to Google's 100 Million daily buyers. Your banner here for just $197
7. Selling off all the possible spaces completely offsets all your advertising!

This strategy has been used since the 1800's with advertising in papers and journals. Mr A buys a full page from magazine B at greatly reduced cost. He then sells off segments of that page to small advertisers C.  Making a handsome profit and, the ability to place his own add FREE on that page. This system is widely used today in the media from TV slots to Newspapers, a kind of middle man operation. Some larger companies use it purely as a way to place their own adverts cheaply, while others make profit from the entire operation.

Of course the only drawback is that in the beginning you would have to pay for your costs. But putting it on your credit card you may have already generated enough cash to more than offset your Google Adwords cost!

This is a product with a specific market. While a newcomer may be scared to invest the kind of money that will be required to get this system up and running. While experienced marketers are making a profit using PPC is already and possible using some of the techniques described within the ebook.

In summary, Get Google Ads Free is a viable plan for making money with PPC’s especially for the entrepreneur type looking to make serious long term money from the Internet. However there are other products that may work slightly differently but require lesser investment.  But if you want the big bucks and are prepared to invest, the Get Google Ads Free is a viable plan. As they say, make a plan, make the plan work and the plan will work for you.

But to work this plan you will need the complete ebook.  There are many more techniques and tricks used in Google Adwords for free than given above. You can download a copy of Get Google Adwords for Free here.

Index of How to get Google Adwords for Free

Table of Contents:
Section 1 Introduction: My Secret Revealed. This first section will reveal to you:
(a) Precisely what my Secret is!
(b) How my Secret gets me $12 million a year in Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising alone!
(c) How my Secret has allowed me $87 million in advertising FREE!
(d) A very clever (but virtually unknown) trick for determining within just 48 hours exactly which keywords and phrase you should be using ONLY (and no more!)
(e) How to borrow from this information and apply it cleverly to search engine optimisation if you ever intend on using it!
(f) A very clever trick for guaranteeing all your ads the Premium position (above the organic results) at ALL search engines and on the FRONT page for any keywords or phrases you ever use!
(g) My own personal trade secret that will guarantee you NEVER will have to pay for PPCs ever again!
(h) And much, much more!
Section 2 Building Relevant Keyword Lists. This second section will reveal to you:
(i) How to generate every possible relevant keyword and keyword phrase you'll ever need for anything you are ever going to sell at Google and other search engines using pay-per-clicks!
(j) How to then filter quality from quantity keywords and phrases for maximizing your CTR performance so you can get as high as a 50 CTR!
(k) FREE algorithmic tools online that will allow you to do BOTH (i) and (j) just above!
(l) A FREE video that will allow you to make use of super-precise matching options and walk you through them step-by-step!
(m) How to actually get 100's of other advertisers to pay YOU to advertise on Google for FREE (and for whatever you're selling on Google and other search engines using PPCs!)
Section 3 Make $1 Millions WITHOUT Selling Anything. This third section will show you:
(n) How to use my Secret with a very simple twist so that you can make $1 million's without even selling anything (literally you can make millions of dollars and never even have a product!)
(o) How I personally use this simple twist to generate an extra $2 million a year on top of all the other money I'm making (and yes, this is entirely legal -- and simple!)
(p) How to get 100s of other people to actually make you rich for NOT even having a product, and using PPCs!
Section 4 Cultivate & Nurture Your List. This fourth section will show you:
(q) How to use an autoresponder and FREE newsletter to make your sales jump as high as 700 or MORE!
(r) How to get FREE articles to put into your FREE newsletter series so YOU never have to write a single word!
(s) Which autoresponders you should use that guarantee over 99 deliverability!
(t) How you can then use this NEW and EVER-GROWING database to jumpstart any other NEW web-business you ever intend to do!
Section 5 In case you want to take advantage of the 80 million people daily searching for a money-making opportunity. Because money-making opportunities are by far the largest segment of online surfers (with the only exception perhaps being porn seekers) this fifth section will show you:
(u) How to use my special twist where you don't have to have any product but can still leverage a massive income from this vast segment!
(v) Over 400 EXACT keywords you'll need in order to do this very successfully!
Section 6 An interesting side-twist on my Secret! This clever sixth section will show you:
(w) How to do 1 extra thing that will further eliminate all your PPC costs!
(x) And at the SAME time generate for yourself an entirely extra income stream!
Section 7 One more thing you can do that will allow you another income stream of possibly $1 million yearly! This last and seventh section will give you:
(y) Another means of more than guaranteeing you pay NO costs in PPCs ever!
(z) Another additional revenue stream that could easily result in over $1 million a year EXTRA in your pocket!

You can download a copy of Google Adwords for Free Here

Here's an extract from the last page of the Get Google Adwords for Free ebook:-

And with 10-15 ads each selling for between $100 and $300 monthly for the space, you'd have anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $4,500 a month in revenue generated from just this one Squeeze Page (we tested this and had absolutely NO trouble getting these kinds of results – in fact, we averaged about $3,900 a month; meaning we could afford to spend around $130 a day on Google AdWords, and NOT suffer the costs!

At $130 a day and with our average CPC (i.e., cost per click) being about 29¢ per click, this means that we could get as many as about 450 click-thrus a day and not be in any danger of incurring costs.

And whats even better is the fact that from among these 450 or so click-thrus, some 4% bought after completing the form initially (meaning 18 sales a day!) with around 185 people completing the form daily, and from among them another 19% bought after receiving anywhere from 1-4 issues of our FREE Newsletter (meaning another 35 sales or so on top of the initial 18; and thereby totaling 53 sales daily (on average).* *Not to be construed as an assurance of earnings.

If you averaged this daily too, and at over $45 commission per sale, this would mean that not only would you NOT have any Google ads costs, but youd profit another $2,385 a day!

And remember: This isnt even considering the fact that you could easily apply what you learn in Sections 6 and 7 as well for additional revenue streams!

All these moneys would be PURE 100% PROFITS! And this is really easy to get to. Now, of course the only drawback is slight in that in the beginning you would have to pay for your costs. But if you put it on your credit card by the time the bill was due, you may have already generated enough initial cash to more than offset your Google ads costs! (Thats exactly what happened with our tests!) I just really hope you fully recognize and fully appreciate the true and very significant genuine value of my secret.

Further, perhaps you can now see how Ive used this simple little secret to amass over $300 million in sales (as once you get the hang of this, you will start venturing out very quickly into other areas and markets and set up at least 1 lead-capture/squeeze page for each of countless campaigns you have going!)

Also, by now you can see why I was a little selfish and even a tad haughty about this “secret system” I created. I did (as I still do now) see others utilizing this to some degree; but I suspect no one ever has fully developed it to the degree I have as I dont really think there are too many people out there making my claim to now well over $300 million in sales in the past 8 years or so online exclusively!

HOWEVER, since my fortune is not threatened by your success, I hereby invite YOU to reach my results, and who knows, maybe even far surpass me!

Sincerely as sincerely can get,


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Grab a copy of Getting Google and other ads for free!

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