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Forex Megadroid Review

Recent Comments.
birdie38 says:
July 7, 2009
Just to let you know : I just bought the Megadroid this week on Monday and made 37.50 profit on a 400 dollar account.
I started almost 2 months ago with an 500 dollar account, but the Fabturbo robot managed to loose 123,- dollars , so I got rid of it
I have a very good feeling about this robot : spent hours on reading forums etc. and about the settings.

bravehoststamps says:
July 9, 2009 at 4:26 pm
Just got back from a small vacation (jet another one ahead) and checked my account with ATC.
Forex MegaDroid has now brought me +$5 492.49 – hooray! : .

Written in 2002 and still NUMBER ONE download!
It's obvious that Forex Megadroid is not scam. While it is still fairly new to the market, the robot appears to have an incredible promising future.

What is Forex MegaDroid?

Forex MegaDroid is one of the latest ‘new age’ forex automatic traders. I say new age because prior to this all automatic trading software analyzed past market conditions and used this information to make trades and ideally profit. What MegaDroid tries to do is analyze the current market and adjust its trading patterns accordingly. The idea being that this will enable much more accurate trading results and in turn allow all the traders out there to profit more than they otherwise would.

Does Forex MegaDroid Work?

There are really 2 ways to answer this. One is through backtesting and the other is through forward testing. Backtesting involves running the software through the ringer for the last year or so and seeing how it performs. After a few basic tweaks I am pleased to announce that the software does perform pretty solidly over the course of the year. Resulting in an almost 100% account increase.

The truth is though, its impossible to give an accurate forward testing review of this software at this time because of its very nature. It is designed to alter itself using sophisticated A.I (artificial intelligence) when the market changes. For this reason we can give it a big thumbs up for the moment but a comprehensive analysis will need to wait a while to determine its long term profitability. However I would recommend trying it now while the ‘iron is hot’ so to speak.

Forex MegaDroid Pros and Cons

Most reviewers outline only the benefits but fail to point out any of the potential risks. While the benefits can be great the risk is the same as almost every other automatic forex trading package. What I mean by that is the automation. It can be great to leave a computer to do all the trading for you, but this also has inherent dangers. It’s a good idea to sort of keep an eye on what is going on at least for the first few months. Once you are confident in its performance then you can go about booking your vacations to the Bahamas while your computer makes you money on autopilot.

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Forex Megadroid is probably the only forex robot now that has successfully mimicked how the successful traders trade - on steroids 24/7.
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Forex Megadroid

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