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Free Article Submission Software For Free Traffic

In today's competitive search engine arena, website owners compete for position; using various tools and methods to deliver to their websites that valuable internet commodity called traffic.

Many internet entrepreneurs have taken advantage of that need and saw it as an opportunity to push new products, software and strategies to help bring in the coveted traffic. Some of them however use methods such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, and blog spamming; methods that not only deliver temporary results, but could also get your site de-listed.

Search engines constantly evolve, and are in constant change... and the safest way to increase and sustain traffic would be through an established proven method, a method that speaks the search engine language well.

In business, whether online or brick and mortar, you simply cannot take any chances. Especially in the way you acquire customers. On the internet, it is best to bring in traffic the legitimate way, in a manner that will have long term benefits for your site.

What are these benefits?

- Increase search engine ranking
- Build credibility in your niche
- Generating quality leads to your business
- Put your name and business in front of a world audience

How do we get those benefits? What is that proven strategy that works well with search engines? A strategy that will work today, tomorrow or next year?

Article Submission!

This may not be news to you, as many have been doing article marketing for some time now; and any article marketer will tell you that an article marketer's biggest problem is finding the right article directories to submit
their articles to, and dealing with criteria required for submission for each site. This "used" to be a problem.

Today, brand new and fresh from software press, is Article Submitter... a free software program created by Brad Callen and Bryxen Software Inc.

When you use Article Submitter, you get to submit your articles to hundreds of popular article directories in a few mouse clicks. Article Submitter spares you from the time and effort of having to fill up all the submission forms, giving you more time for other important things. You no longer have to spend entire days just submitting to article directories, Article Submitter does the job for you.

Article marketing is the best way to market your articles online. However, submitting articles to article directories can be a daunting task. It can take as long as one hour of boredom to submit these articles to 10 different ezine sites or article directories. Would it be great if the whole process was automated? You would be able to submit one article to ten article directories in just less than five minutes. It is a great idea, but then most of the automated article submission software have some or the other short comings
n1. Article auto submission softwares have some loopholes or the other. For instance, some of them hang midway while submitting. After you have categorized the articles and put your article body, when you hit 'submit' the articles are not actually 'submitted'.
2. Most of the auto submission article software are such that they have their own inbound links hidden in them which means your article is just a vehicle to advertise their automatice article submit software.
3.The articles that you submit are posted to the wrong categories.
4. Ezine article directories are smart enough to know that articles are auto submitted, so they change their coding appropriately which renders automatic submitting of articles obsolete.
5. Most automatic submitting article software submit articles to irrelevant article directories which means your articles will not feature in the first two pages of a search engine.
nHowever, it does not mean automatic submission of articles is bad. If there is a system, an article submitter or an article submitting software, which can take care of the above loopholes, you can still benefit to a large amount from article marketing. Smart work is anyday better than hardwork. For saving on time and energy, automatic submitter for articles is the best option.

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